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Computer and Device Accessibility

Connectech offers accessibility consultation and instruction for Apple devices, which come with powerful assistive technology tools built right in.

Our services are ideal for clients with visual, hearing, or physical/mobility needs. We can teach you how to access and implement your device’s accessibility features, and provide recommendations for accessibility accessories that, when connected to your device, will further expand its capabilities.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Accessibility

The iOS mobile operating system offers an impressive array of accessibility options for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For vision, numerous voiceover and speech offerings are available, along with Magnifier. For hearing, alert flashes are available, plus others such as phone noise cancellation and bluetooth integration with MFi hearing aids. For mobility, Switch Control is available (on the iPhone and iPad) which uses head-tracking technology to control what’s on your screen.

Mac Accessibility

MacOS X has offered accessibility aids (accessed via System Preferences) on the Mac for quite some time, and these options have continued to expand and improve with every OS upgrade. Connectech can help you implement vision-based accessibility offerings such as VoiceOver and Speak Screen; hearing-based features such as SDH captions and alert flashes; mobility-based tools such as Switch Control and the online Accessibility Keyboard; plus other tools such as enhanced dictation, which can benefit everyone.

Apple Watch and Apple TV Accessibility

Apple Watch and Apple TV both offer a wide range of voice- and vision-based accessibility features to help you easily control your device.

Getting Started with Accessibility

Connectech shares Apple’s enthusiasm for giving every user the opportunity to get the most out of their computer or device, regardless of accessibility needs. To learn more about using accessibility tools, or to schedule a consultation or training session, please call us at (916) 972-9000.

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