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Apps and Integration Support

Connectech provides application support for hundreds of desktop and mobile apps, including integration services for numerous platforms, APIs, and plug-ins. Our years of experience can help you see your processes and workflows with a fresh perspective with the goal of evaluating, streamlining, improving, and avoiding pitfalls and problems.

Included below are just a few of the more common app and integration areas we’ve supported. Don’t see your specific application or solution listed? Odds are, we can help. Please call us at (916) 972-9000 or use the contact form below.

Office 365 Support and Integration

Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook) are included in the Microsoft Office 365 subscription from Microsoft which lets users access files from anywhere via the Internet. The Office 365 subscription augments the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite using a cloud-based collaboration environment, and its subscription model ensures you’re always entitled to direct Microsoft technical support. Connectech can provide additional support for the desktop, iOS, and cloud versions of the product including support for remote collaboration, troubleshooting, and training.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 include OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing, the Office iOS and Web Apps (web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). Additionally, the business version includes Exchange Online (email and calendar hosting), SharePoint Online (collaboration and websites), Lync Online (video and audio conferencing, instant messaging), and a 99% financially-backed uptime guarantee. Microsoft’s mature Office suite integrates with thousands of products, and Connectech can help you select and implement the right solution for your particular needs, along with additional support for remote collaboration, troubleshooting, and training.

Windows on a Mac: Bootcamp, VMware, and Parallels

Though Macs offer a thriving ecosystem of software, some apps will only run on Windows. Whether you need to use Windows-only business software or prefer to play Windows PC games, there are a number of ways to run Windows programs on a Mac. Connectech can assist you with implementation.

To simultaneously offer users the best of both worlds without having to reboot their computer, we recommend a virtual machine (VM) solution such as VMware or Parallels. VM software lets you run Windows software on a Mac while still having full access to the Mac environment. Prefer to use Apple’s built-in software? Apple’s Bootcamp lets you install Windows alongside your Mac’s operating system and provides excellent performance. You’ll need to restart your Mac to switch between OS X and Windows, as only one operating system can be running at one time. We can talk with you to determine which of these options would be best for you.

Windows PC and Outlook Support and Integration

Our expertise in Apple and Google solutions doesn’t mean we “don’t do Windows.” We offer support for Windows PC desktops, servers, and networks. Additionally, Windows systems are excellent Google clients; we frequently work with clients to integrate their Outlook email with Google G Suite and Apple devices.

Apple and Google Integration

Connectech specializes in supporting Apple and Google products and integration in a world where three main industry players — Apple, Microsoft, and Google — provide a majority of business productivity and IT products to end users.

We believe that Google G Suite business productivity and transformation tools, with their superior functionality, excellent integration with Apple products, and fast, easy access, are an ideal fit for most of our clients.

To read more about why we specialize in Google and Apple integration, please click here.

CRM and Line of Business App Support

Businesses of all sizes need to reach out to existing clients, develop a sales process for new clients, track customer interactions, and receive reminders when it’s time to follow up. There are countless Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions designed for this. Connectech has supported numerous line-of-business CRM applications (both desktop and cloud-based) for industries of all kinds including legal, medical, insurance, realty, and field service providers. We can assist with migrating your company to a new CRM provider, or integrating your existing CRM solution with your email or other line-of-business apps to track all correspondence and interactions, keeping your team and your customers aligned.

Intuit Quickbooks Desktop/Online, FreshBooks, & Xero Support

Supporting small businesses with business bookkeeping and financial management is an area in which we’re particularly competent.

Though we have years of experience supporting desktop financial solutions, we often recommend web-based accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and Xero, which allow you to access your books from anywhere at any time. Integrating your financial solution with your bank accounts and credit cards will drastically reduce data entry requirements. Online solutions allow your accountant to access your information in real time. If your bookkeeping is outsourced to an accountant or external service, online accounting services provide you with simultaneous access.

No single accounting system is all-inclusive, providing every desired capability, as every business has its own accounting needs. To help businesses create the best accounting system for them, Freshbooks, Xero, and QuickBooks Online offer hundreds of add-ons. These third-party extensions/integrations increase functionality. Examples include Stitch Labs (inventory management), Shopify, PayPal, and Magento. Connectech can advise you about which integrations may be best for your needs, and work with you and your accountant to implement them, providing a streamlined and well-integrated financial management solution.

Web Services API Integration

APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) have been around for years, but until recently were primarily considered a niche interest area for programmers. An API lets programmers and developers integrate services and solutions from different vendors. These integrations enable a company to make data and processes from one cloud system available to others. APIs that link disparate business systems are valuable strategic business tools that build new and innovative processes for productivity, mobile, social, and more.

Let Connectech assist you with tying together your disparate systems. Utilizing the power of APIs that are available for many cloud service providers, you can avoid double entry, exporting and re-import data from one system to another, or manually copying and pasting data between platforms.

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