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Client Case Studies

Read about six Connectech clients who have transformed the way they do business using Google and Apple solutions.

Property Management Company Moves to the Cloud from Dedicated Windows Server

For many years, a property management company in Davis was under the impression that due to its relatively slow DSL Internet access, they were unable to move to the cloud. They used a dedicated Windows PC server in the office for email and file sharing.

Near the end of 2015, the Windows PC server failed and the company was without a working email solution, seriously impacting company operations and communications. The company asked Connectech to recommend a more reliable, cost-effective solution.

Connectech recommended Google G Suite for Business, which offers unlimited file storage and Google Vault email retention. To ensure that the company’s limited-bandwidth Internet service would not negatively impact its workflow, Connectech worked with Google to offer an extended G Suite trial period.

A year later, the users love G Suite and are enthusiastic about its collaboration tools, reliability, and ease of use.

Improved Collaboration, File Sharing, Calendars, and More for Multi-Location Company

A music training courseware company with offices in Sacramento, Seattle, and Australia was using their own server to share files. To remotely access the server, employees used virtual private network (VPN) software which was sometimes cumbersome and unreliable. Like many companies that use a VPN, many users opted to email files back-and-forth rather than accessing them directly from the server. This caused ongoing headaches related to version control, document management, and security.

The company managed its customer list by sharing Group vCards in Apple’s Contacts app as it lacked a reliable customer list management solution. Its existing single-user calendar syncing solution didn’t provide company-wide visibility of key managers’ calendars. This meant lost time and inaccuracies when attempting to schedule group meetings or appointments.

The company needed a better, easier-to-use, more reliable solution for file sharing, collaboration, customer management, and calendars. Connectech recommended Google G Suite.

G Suite has transformed the company’s workflow and allowed users to more easily and securely collaborate while traveling between the office’s multiple locations. Employees can now do more while intuitively managing documents, workflows, and versions. The company’s IT support costs have been dramatically reduced.

Files from the three offices are now shared in the cloud via Google Drive. Users can collaborate on documents in real time, and files are automatically synced across all user devices so everyone always has up-to-date versions. A Google Apps Marketplace web-integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution now manages customers by category, and provides an elegant solution for administering leads and marketing campaigns. G Suite’s intuitive calendar app lets all users sync their calendars across all their devices so everyone can always see availability of team members for meetings and appointments.

G Suite has enabled the company to concentrate on expanding its client base and delivering training solutions rather than spending time focusing on the challenges of getting the job done.

Personal Injury Law Firm Relies on Google for HIPAA Compliance for Confidential Information

A personal injury law firm in Chico, CA handles confidential medical records and protected health information on a daily basis. Previously using Windows PCs, they now work in an Apple Mac environment with Google G Suite as the glue that connects all users.

Connectech worked with the company to instruct them on how to use Google Drive to replace a peer-to-peer file sharing solution used in their previous Windows environment.

Adding to the solution, the secure combination of Apple FileVault full disc encryption on their Macs in conjunction with G Suite’s 2-step verification, users now experience improved document collaboration with better security and controlled remote access.

By implementing strong access controls and adding specific workflow procedures, the firm has been able to demonstrate HIPAA compliance while also improving compliance with the physicians and hospitals they work with, thus improving client relations.

Filemaker Server Solution for Veterinary Specialist’s Practice Management

Working in conjunction with a FileMaker developer on the East Coast, Connectech upgraded a Rocklin, CA-based veterinary specialist’s practice management solution from Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 running Filemaker Server v9 to Mac OS X 10.11 running Filemaker Server 14. This included performing numerous hardware upgrades in addition to the software update, as well as moving their older iMac-based analog fax modem to a web-based fax service.

After the upgrades were completed, we developed a secure remote access solution so the veterinarians are able to access the FileMaker system no matter where they are and review or update patient information. We implemented redundant local and cloud backup solutions for their server, along with the ability to remotely monitor the server and all practice workstations to check the system’s health, run malware tests, and view more than 100 data points.

Sacramento Psychiatry Practice Chooses Apple Server for File Sharing

Patient confidentiality is key in any medical practice, and arguably especially so with psychiatry. Working with the practice manager of a psychiatry practice based in Sacramento, Connectech assisted with the setup and configuration of a Mac Mini Server designed to maintain strict HIPAA compliance.

We implemented a virtual private network (VPN) to give practice principals secure, private remote access to patient information while away from the office. We redesigned the office network to ensure the best possible file sharing performance both inside and outside the office.

Sacramento-Based Lobbying Firm Moves from Windows to Mac, Never Looks Back

Connectech, in partnership with a fellow local Apple consultant, worked to move a 14-person lobbying firm from an all-Windows-based environment to Macs. Previously, the office utilized Microsoft’s Small Business Server with Exchange on an older, slow PC platform. The office upgraded to an Apple server for internal file sharing and moved to Google G Suite for email, contacts, and calendar.

The move included configuring a private internal WiFi network completely separate from the guest WiFi network, as well as implementing security solutions to allow other tenants in the building to share the lobbying firm’s equipment resources while maintaining network separation and security for all.

Connectech also assisted with installing and configuring VMware on a Mac along with Windows 10 and QuickBooks so the company’s bookkeeper could continue using existing PC-based accounting software. Additional solutions included configuration of custom drivers for the office’s network-based copy machine, along with scanner configuration to accommodate the ability to directly save scanned files to local folders on the Apple server.

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