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Internet Domain Support

Connectech’s Internet domain support services can help professionally and securely manage your web presence. We can assist you with researching, registering, and enabling a domain name for business or personal use. If your domain is already registered and hosted, we can act as a trusted team member to manage and modify DNS settings, MX Records, email authentication, and other website management tasks.

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Web Hosting Recommendations and Management

Connectech can recommend and manage a cost-effective, right-sized web hosting solution for your organization’s specific needs. We have more than a decade of experience supporting clients who host websites with GoDaddy.com, 1and1.com, NetworkSolutions.com, and numerous other registrar and hosting providers.

We can coordinate with a company’s website designer, marketing company, and advertising agency to help strategically manage web hosting. This helps ensure that the site’s legal ownership is held by an authorized company representative and not a third party, that hosting fee structures are transparent, that subscription renewals are never accidentally ignored, and that security is centrally implemented and controlled.

DNS Hosting Coordination

DNS configuration can affect a wide variety of domain performance issues — from the speed with which a website loads to the ability to receive email. Many companies, unaware of this, transfer full control of DNS management to their website designer, domain registrar, or low-cost DNS service provider, thereby losing central control of an important company asset. Changes to website configuration or network services have the potential to cause DNS problems, from more minor ones such as slow-loading web pages to more serious issues such as service outages or lost email.

Connectech can assist with expert management of your DNS configuration. With access to your DNS records, we can help solve network-related problems and ensure that the data associated with your domain is secure, stable, and transmitted efficiently.

Managed Domain Renewal Services

When you’re focused on day-to-day operations, it can be easy to overlook emailed notices about payment deadlines for domain renewal or hosting services, and to remember to keep the credit card on file with your web service provider updated. Should your domain registration or web hosting expire, your company’s domain service will be interrupted. This means your website is no longer online, email stops working, and additional business-critical services can be affected.

Connectech can work with you to assist in monitoring your key domain renewal services, including sending group email reminders to multiple parties within your organization, and ours, 30 days prior to renewal. We can help ensure that your domain registration and hosting service remains active, so service interruptions are avoided.

SSL Certificate Management

Consolidate your SSL certificate management with Connectech. SSL certificates are core to implementing a secure multi-layered, identity-based environment with authenticated identities, verified devices, secure applications and email, and safeguarded websites. Connectech offers organizations centrally-controlled certificate management assistance to help find, manage, provision, re-issue, and revoke digital certificates for web sites, users, mobile devices, applications, and machines.

SPF/DKIM Mail Server Authentication

It’s surprisingly easy to pretend to be someone you’re not with private business domain email addresses (such as yourname@yourcompany.com). Almost anyone with a basic understanding of how email works can make a message appear to be coming from any sender they might choose — and of course, scammers take advantage of this. There have been numerous cases of criminals impersonating a company’s brand via their email domain, and using the brand’s trusted reputation to steal personal information or credit card info from email recipients.

Email service providers use SPF and DKIM records to authenticate a particular domain; other email authentication protocols are also in use. However, the most popular protocols are:

  • Sender Policy Framework, or SPF
  • DomainKeys Identified Message, or DKIM
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, or DMARC.

Email providers use these protocols to filter incoming messages and will often treat messages as spam if proper authentication with SPF and DKIM is not provided, and it’s critical that SPF/DKIM records be correctly integrated between providers. Connectech can assist with managing the complexity of configuring a company’s email authentication records to ensure proper functionality so messages don’t bypass a recipient’s inbox and end up in spam.

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