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Transitioning from the Google Drive App

As of March 2018, the original Google Drive computer application for Mac and PC has been replaced with two new sync products, Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync. (The differences between the two sync solutions are detailed here.)

Drive File Stream
G Suite paid subscribers are encouraged to switch to the Drive File Stream application for PC and Mac. Because the app only downloads filenames and metadata, it takes up almost no room on a computer, freeing up disk space and network bandwidth. Drive File Stream allows for easy Mac Finder or Windows Explorer access to Drive content from any application.

Backup and Sync
Those using a free Gmail account can switch to the Backup and Sync application. With Backup and Sync, all Drive content is stored locally.


Our video below demonstrates how to uninstall the discontinued Google Drive application from your Mac or PC, and how to then install the Drive File Stream application. The process to install the Backup and Sync application is nearly identical.

If you’d like assistance transitioning from the original Google Drive app to either Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync, please call us at (916) 972-9000 or email info@connectech.us.