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Network Services

Connectech provides a broad range of services to help support and manage your business or home network.

We can assist with making additions or changes to your existing network, setting up a new one, or relocating an existing one. We can troubleshoot WiFi and connectivity issues, extend signals, or recommend more powerful WiFi router solutions to provide coverage wherever you need. We can help you determine the best Internet service provider for your needs, including assisting with negotiating the contract pricing with your selected ISP.

For more information about our network services, see below. To discuss how we can best assist with your network, please call us at (916) 972-9000 or use the contact form below.

Network Design and Management

Connectech has more than 30 years of experience supporting TCP/IP networks in Apple, Windows, and UNIX environments. Our team has implemented wired and wireless (WiFi) networks for both commercial and residential installations. Network equipment vendors we recommend and support include Cisco, Netgear, Buffalo, D-Link, Apple, and more. Connectech also offers support for remote access of security cameras and associated DVRs.

Server Management

Connectech provides support for Apple MacOS and Windows servers. This includes security, user and device management, file sharing and permissions management, VPN and remote access, locally-attached and network-attached storage systems, and implementation of secure, redundant backup solutions.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Connectech employs advanced tools for remote system monitoring and management. These tools report on more than 100 system health, security, and safety aspects for that computer. This provides the opportunity to address potential issues proactively, helping prevent computer or network downtime or breaches in data security.

We also offer remote screensharing repair solutions that in many instances allow us to quickly assist with computer or device issues without coming onsite.

WiFi Troubleshooting and Extending Networks

If you’re not experiencing the range or performance you’d like from your office or residential wireless (WiFi) network, there are numerous solutions for improving coverage. Sometimes the best option is upgrading or purchasing new equipment, but Connectech will work with you to first determine if it’s possible to increase your existing WiFi coverage using your existing router. We have years of experience extending WiFi networks to help you receive maximum performance.

Battery Backups and UPS Integration

Connectech recommends battery-based backup power supplies for both business and residential users. Known as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), this combination surge protector/battery/power inverter helps protect your data by keeping equipment running temporarily during power interruptions or failures. When plugged into a UPS, servers and key workstations, along with critical office equipment such as credit card terminals and telephone equipment, will stay online during short blackouts by drawing battery power.

Many other types of backup power supplies are available for larger-scale installations, including generators, solar options, and battery systems designed especially for off-grid power. We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate battery backup solution for your office or residential computing environment.

VPN and Firewall Appliances

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities are built into a majority of firewall devices and are useful for connecting users with company data via the Internet. A user-to-network VPN links an individual user’s computer to an office network via an encrypted connection. A network-to-network VPN links two office networks utilizing a VPN/Firewall device at each end of the connection. Connectech can recommend VPN solutions for remote worker scenarios such as these and assist you with implementing them.

There are also VPN services available to anonymize an individual user’s connection to a website. With an applicable VPN service provider subscription, a security/privacy layer is added to the connection, allowing for a more private connection. Instead of contacting a website directly, the VPN creates an encrypted link between the user’s computer and the service provider’s server, which in turn connects to the public Internet and retrieves the information requested. The data passes back through the tunnel to the user’s computer, ensuring that the traffic is secure. An observer will see the VPN’s IP address, not the user’s. For some individuals, this may be a useful tool, and Connectech can advise you about the best one for your particular needs.

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