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When you visit a website or receive any notifications to download or update Adobe Flash Player you need to be extremely careful since Adobe itself is ending development and distribution of Flash Player by the end of 2020.

When you receive a popup window or a website page that asks you to download a Flash Player update, it probably will contain some adware or malware to infect your device. The main target are Mac users, but also Windows users are targeted. Naive users who download a DMG file pretending to be an Adobe Flash Player installer, will discover later what is actually a “LaunchAgent,” described as a “persistent infection,” while another will install either “Advanced Mac Cleaner” or a web extension that corrupts your browser, usually Safari. This malware is dubbed “CrescentCore.”

Connectech recommends you do NOT download any Flash Player downloads, and if you rely on Flash Player you should be absolutely confident that the update is actually from Adobe and not download any Flash Player update from a website or any notification in a popup window, text or email. If you are not sure, then, the dubious website or notification is a warning to you not to click the download link.