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Apple Clips
is a new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more which was announced a couple of weeks ago. So why should you consider using it?  Because it is fun and a new way to edit your movies, upload them to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo or where ever. You download Clips from the App Store for iPhone or iPad for free. It is simple to use, yet if you want a few rich features you can add them. Clips isn’t iMovie so don’t expect to be able to edit like Douglas Trumbull. As Lauren Goode, THE VERGE, puts it, ‘Apple’s Clips app is iMovie for the next generation’ and has a cool video showing how it works. Catlin McGarry, MacWorld, says, “To share a video on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll want to shoot in Instagram or Snapchat to make sure the moment you’re capturing is perfectly framed. You can shoot in Clips, too, but this feels more like an app you’ll use after the moment has passed to stitch together memories and add a soundtrack and captions. Clips is way more low-key.” Todd Haselton, CNBC, says “Apple Clips is like Snapchat on training wheels.” Chris Velazco, engadget, “Despite its dead-simple interface, Clips is capable of some pretty impressive feats.” Joanna Stern, The Wall Street Journal, has the coolest how-to video on Clips and of course, made the video on Clips and is worth the watch since she is amusing.

Not a Social Networking App
Apple Clips is not a social networking app. As Alex Hern, theguardian, explains, “No Clips Stories; no ephemeral messaging; no new usernames to secure or QR codes to share. Instead, the goal of Clips is to enable the same sort of fun, creative camera tomfoolery that Snapchat does in its main camera app, but with an explicitly destination-neutral approach.” Apple just wants you to have fun creating your own creative videos and share them with who you want in iMessage, email or with your favorite social network.

Live Titles
This is one of the coolest features. Live Titles let you easily create animated captions and titles — just by talking. Simply speak while recording, and text automatically appears onscreen, perfectly synced with your voice. Choose from different styles and tap any title to adjust text and punctuation. TechCrunch has a great video explaining this.

Smart Suggestions
Another feature, Smart Suggestions, uses facial recognition to make matches with people in the iOS Photos app, and hence recommend people to share videos with.

Other Features
Roger Fingas, appleinsider, writes, “The new Clips app lets users combine short videos on a timeline, with an upper limit of 60 minutes or over 300 individual segments. Users can then enhance their project with things like filters, symbols, and emoji, as well as “Posters,” which are fullscreen text-based images used as title cards.”

CNN Money has a video about Apple Clips: