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Apple Pay Cash is now available with iOS 11.2 Beta 5 (the full release of iOS 11.2 is just around the corner). While a number of easy-to-use personal cash payment services are available, such as Venmo, Square Cash, and Paypal, Apple Pay Cash works a bit differently than these other services.

Apple Pay Cash sends and receives money person-to-person using the Messages app, so transferring funds is as simple as sending a message. (Apple Pay Cash is available to iOS users only.) In iOS 11.2, the Apple Pay Cash card shows up in your Wallet app. Payments are processed by Apple Pay via services provided by Green Dot Bank. To set up Apple Pay Cash, just head to the Wallet app, tap on the Apple Pay Cash card, then tap on Set Up Apple Pay Cash.

You can add funds to your Apple Pay Cash card from any debit or credit card. There is no service charge if you use a debit card. If you use a credit card, there’s a 3% fee. (There are minimum and maximum limits to the amount you can add to your Apple Pay Cash card, as well as sending and receiving limits when transferring funds.)

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After adding cash to the Apple Pay Cash card, you’ll see your available funds at the top right corner of the card while in the Wallet app. You can then send cash to any person, as long as they are an iOS user with access to the Messages app. You can request money from another iOS user, and you can transfer funds to your bank. You can even use Siri or your Apple Watch to make transactions.

Read instructions for adding money to Apple Pay Cash by clicking here.

Or watch this video showing how easy it is to set up and use Apple Pay Cash.

Apple Pay Cash Reviews
“Apple Pay Cash is now live, and it makes sending or requesting money almost too easy.” c/net

“Apple Pay Cash offers a relatively easy and secure way for iOS users to make peer-to-peer payments.” PCMag

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