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Article by Domain Support
Connectech wants to give you a recap of the Apple Special Event, September 2016 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium hosted by Tim Cook. We suggest you first watch the entire event in 107 seconds below to get you started:





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App Store
It was announced that Super Mario Run will be released on iOS. Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow at Nintendo, announced on stage a simple flat price for the game on the App Store and emphasized the fact that you could play the game with only one hand. An unspecified portion of the game will be available for free, while players can pay a “set purchase price” to access more content.  As Daring Fireball explains, “the iPhone 7 (and probably 6S too) will be the most powerful computing hardware any Nintendo game has ever run on.” It is scheduled to be released first on iOS exclusively in December 2016 (later on Android). The game can be integrated with a Nintendo Account. You can watch a one minute demo of the game.

Apple is engaged in a program to give products, support, and opportunities to schools that need them most. 50,000 students and 4500 teachers at 114 schools have benefited with devices and services. A new program called Everyone Can Code teaches students the Swift Playgrounds App. 100 schools will be teaching this in their curriculum this fall.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, announced real-time collaboration for Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes. Using Keynotes it was demonstrated live on stage in real-time collaboration with a team on a Keynote stunning presentation document.

Apple Watch
It was announced by Tim Cook, that Apple Watch sales in its first year has reached the second spot in worldwide sales just under Rolex in 2015 and is the top selling smartwatch, as well as, the number one spot in customer satisfaction in surveys.  A new Series 2 Apple Watch was announced with Built-in GPS (doesn’t need the iPhone!), Water resistance to 50 meters, a new lightning-fast dual-core processor  and a display that’s two times brighter than before. It was also announced that Pokeman Go is coming to the Apple Watch, as well as Viewranger app, the first hiking app ever to use the new built-in GPS.  A new Apple Watch – Nike+ was also announced in ceramic. Watch the Apple promo video:

iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 was announced with a new design, and who can better describe this than Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple:

The basic fundamental form hasn’t changed from the iPhone 6s. However the processor is faster (new A10 fusion chip), the battery life longer and the new enhanced camera has a ‘bump’ which is more noticeable in the iPhone 7 Plus since the camera housing is larger to accomodate the dual cameras. There are two new colors, black and jet black. It is also water resistant. The analog audio jack has been removed and all audio/video or other devices must use the lightening connector.

You can watch the official Introducing the new iPhone 7 video that explains all these new features below:

The coolest new feature is the wireless iPods. However, they will not be released till October. c/net explains how they work below:

You can watch the entire event on YouTube below or go to the official web site.