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Article by Domain Support
Apple Watch was released on April 24 of 2015 so today completed two years and we are starting year three. With the release of watchOS 3 in September 2016 and watchOS 3.1.3 in January 2017 with security updates, Apple has streamlined the Apple Watch to make it simpler to use and easy. As Neil Hughes, appleinsider, explains, “watchOS 3, which completely changed the functionality of the hardware side button. While previously the button was used for sending Digital Touch scribbles to contacts, Apple eventually realized that feature was not widely used, let alone worth the justification of a dedicated button. With watchOS 3, the Apple Watch side button changed to link to a new app dock, allowing quick access— and background loading— of frequently used apps. The new dock also brought about the end of a swipe-up “Glances” view, instead brining a familiar Control Center for that gesture.” The three more popular uses for the Apple Watch are using Siri, using fitness apps, i.e., Heart Rate, and Apple Pay.

If you own an original Apple Watch, you now own a limited-edition piece of the company’s history because the initial release of the Apple Watch First Generation (also called Series 0) with models A1553 and A1554 was discontinued in September 2016 with the release of Series 1 (models A1802 and A1803) and Series 2 (models A1757 and A1758). If you need to identify which Apple Watch you own click here. All three editions can run watchOS 3 and if you need to know the difference between these three editions, iMore has a great article explaining the differences. Of course Apple has a page dedicated to the differences.

Mike Murphy, Quartz Media, reports, “Apple has never shared hard numbers on how many wearables it has sold, and doesn’t even break out Watch sales in its quarterly earnings report.”  However, John Grubar, Daring Fireball, points out, “Apple Watch is a smash hit compared to traditional watches and other wearable devices.” theguardian says, “Apple Watch is king of smartwatch sales according to latest numbers” and is “six times bigger than nearest competitor making it the best selling smartwatch in history.” Ilya Ryvin, Worn and Wound says, APPLE WATCH SECOND ONLY TO ROLEX IN WORLDWIDE SALES. Zach Epstein, BGR, says that “According to estimates, Apple Watch sales in its first 12 months totaled about $1.5 billion more than Rolex’s total revenue last year” and “that the [Wallstreet} Journal noted that estimates peg Apple’s Watch revenue during the device’s first year of availability at $6 billion.” Whatever the numbers, Apple Watch is doing fine compared to any other smartwatch or luxury watch.

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