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Certified Apple Support

Connectech, a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network and a certified Apple business affiliate, offers thoughtful, caring Apple-authorized support for small-to-medium businesses and individual users.

As Apple Consultants Network members serving the Sacramento area and beyond, we’re experts at setting up, integrating, managing, monitoring, and supporting all Apple computers and devices, including the desktop and laptop Mac, iPhone, iPad, and servers. Our consultants can assist you at your location as well as remotely.

Please read below to learn more about our support services for Apple products. Need assistance with something you don’t see listed? Odds are, we can help. Please call us at (916) 972-9000 or use the contact form below.

Troubleshooting and Upgrades by Certified Apple Consultants

Connectech has more than 30 years of Apple support experience, allowing us to build a vast knowledge base to assist in troubleshooting most any Mac or Apple device problem, including security threats, malware, slow system operation, network problems, and compatibility issues.

We can also perform hardware and software upgrades plus help you weigh options about whether it’s wisest to repair, upgrade, or replace hardware. We work with you to offer solutions for managing issues before they become a serious problem with the goal of helping to prevent data loss, downtime, or impacted operations. As an Apple certified consultant, we’re here to help you with whatever your needs may be.

Mobile Device Management

Organizations and individuals can benefit from the ability to track, customize, control, and manage their mobile devices, whether a fleet of workers each using an iPad or family members who each have an iPhone. Having control over a lost device is especially important if it contains critical or private information.

Connectech, a member of the Apple Consultants Network, offers services and solutions to help businesses and individuals remotely manage devices such as the iPhone and iPad, including the ability to track or remotely delete a device’s data if it’s lost or stolen.

Accessibility Solutions

Apple is well known for offering some of the best, most powerful accessibility solutions for everyone, including those with disabilities. Whether tools for vision, hearing, physical and motor skills, or learning and literacy, Connectech can recommend and help implement solutions that let you take full advantage of your technology.

As a top-rated member of the Apple Consultants Network, Connectech provides expert service for individuals and small businesses in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Apple and Google Integration

Connectech specializes in supporting Apple and Google products and integration in a world where three main industry players — Apple, Microsoft, and Google — provide a majority of business productivity and IT products.

We believe that Google G Suite business productivity and transformation tools, with their superior functionality, excellent integration with Apple products, and fast, easy access, are an ideal fit for many of our clients. As a certified Apple consultant and authorized Google reseller, we are well-equipped to help you integrate these platforms.

To read more about why we specialize in Google and Apple integration, please click here.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Connectech is expert at Apple server support, and we employ advanced tools for remote system monitoring and management. These tools report on more than 100 system health, security, and safety aspects for that computer. This provides the opportunity to address potential issues proactively, helping prevent computer or network downtime or breaches in data security.

We also offer remote screensharing support which in many instances allows us to quickly assist with computer or device issues without coming onsite.

Our certified Apple consultants will work with you to find the best solutions for all your system monitoring and management issues.

Apple Concierge Services

Connectech offers assistance to help you with Apple purchases and procurement, so you can relax in the comfort of your home or office while we’re picking up new devices on your behalf.

We also offer white glove hardware repair concierge services with the Apple Genius Bar for warranty repair or out-of-warranty work if needed. We’ll book the appointment and relay the issues to be addressed, then shuttle your device to and from the Genius Bar. We’re licensed, bonded, and have a top rating on the Apple Consultants Network. We guarantee the safety of your hardware with a full replacement policy. (Please note, we’re not responsible for data loss.)

Apple Server Support and Management

Connectech provides support services for Apple MacOS servers including administration, security, file sharing, permissions management, user and device management, VPN and remote access, and implementation of secure, redundant backup solutions.

Windows on a Mac: Bootcamp, VMware, and Parallels

Though the Mac offers a thriving ecosystem of software, some apps will only run on Windows. Whether you need to use Windows-only business software or prefer to play Windows PC games, there are a number of ways to run Windows programs on a Mac. Connectech can assist you with implementation.

To simultaneously offer users the best of both worlds without having to reboot their computer, we recommend a virtual machine (VM) solution such as VMware or Parallels. VM software lets you run Windows software on a Mac while still having full access to the Mac environment. Prefer to use the Apple built-in Windows solution? The Apple Bootcamp software lets you install Windows alongside your Mac operating system while providing excellent performance. You’ll need to restart your Mac to switch between OS X and Windows, as only one operating system can be running at a time. We can work with you to determine which of these options would be best for you.

Connectech, an Apple Certified Consultant and top-rated member of the Apple Consultants Network, has more than 30 years of experience providing computer support to small businesses and individuals. Let us help you find the solution for all your computing needs.

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