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Article by Domain Support
Backup Your Devices

Almost everyone knows that you should make a backup of your computer, mobile phone, and your tablet, but perhaps you have put this off. So just imagine if there was a fire, flood, water damage or a theft and all your devices, your computer, mobile phone and tablet were destroyed or gone. It would be positively heart wrenching losing all that data. Your important work that is essential, your family photos, all your files gone. A frightening thought that some people have trouble even imagining.
Most people know better
Most people we talk to admit that they knew they should have been backing up. They just weren’t. They know what it means to backup and probably even have an external hard drive lying around in a drawer. Perhaps they think they can “do it next week” and keep pushing it back until that fateful day when their hard drive inevitably fails.
We like to emphasize that hard drives and even the new solid state drives are destined to fail. Whether for mechanical or design reasons, the most important device for storing your information in your computer is by its nature prone to failure. It might be 5-10 years from now but it might be next week or tomorrow. One never knows.
Multiple Backups
Connectech recommends using at least two backups. For example we recommended Crashplan for years until it has phased out. We now recommend Backblaze and Apple’s Time Machine, Windows Backup or Acronis True Image to backup locally. Local backups are always the first line of protection but if your entire house or apartment is burned to the ground, then your backup hard drive is destroyed with it. An offsite backup to the cloud to supplement your local hard drive backup is strongly recommended. Backups to external drives are recommended since they are so inexpensive. Let Connectech set you up with a cloud backup service and external drives so when the unthinkable happens you can recover your data.
If you own a computer and mobile devices you can afford to back them up. Think of the cost of losing all your data. Backups to the cloud are a small monthly insurance to have peace of mind. Purchasing external hard drives for backup are worth every dollar you spend. Peace of mind is priceless.
Backup vs Sync
To understand the difference between backing up and syncing read our post on this subject.
Mobile Devices
Apple has simple backups for all your devices. Imagine losing all your contacts. Let Connectech show you how easy it is to backup your iPhone or iPad. If you are an Android user, we can handle that as well. Contact us.