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Article by Domain Support
The business headlines have been following the success of Pokémon Go. Can your business cash in on this craze? According to Forbes, “If your business is on top of or next to a Poké-stop, you’ll have the ability to drop a “lure” for 30 minutes, which will probably similarly attract a number of players wandering nearby due to the increase in the number of Pokémon that show up when lures are placed. The only catch is, the only way to get a lot of lures quickly is to buy them with real money—but depending on how you buy them, they’re usually less than $1 each. Restaurant and café owners can particularly benefit from lures, as players will want to hang around for a while, and probably want to buy some snacks or beverages while they do. If your business isn’t near a Gym or Poké-stop, don’t worry: Fellow Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho recently reported that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has confirmed that sponsored retail locations are coming to Pokémon Go soon.” Or as NextShark puts it, “business owners may want to figure whether their establishment is a PokéStop or a Gym. From here, creative marketing comes in, as there really are countless ways to capitalize on a hype that’s virtually found everywhere.”

So if your business needs customers to come in off the street to your location you may want to learn more about this. So how did Pokémon Go become so popular? Millennials who played the original Pokémon in 1996 on a Nintendo Gameboy have been waiting for this to appear on their smartphone. This is the first time Nintendo has ventured into the smartphone industry. The game can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. For Apple, this has been a huge success, with Pokémon Go  being “the most downloaded mobile app in its first week of release in the history of the App Store. (Polygon)”  Not only Apple and Google, but Niantic Labs (with investments from Alphabet, Inc., Nintendo and the Pokémon Company) are all cashing in on the phenomena. Initial predictions are that in the first one to two years billions of dollars will be made by these three companies. Can Your Business Cash in On Pokémon Go?

If you are clueless why Pokémon Go is so successful, watch this review from Trusted Reviews: