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Telephones have been changing since the moment they were invented. How we use them changes from year to year, if not more frequently. What hasn’t changed is the importance of being able to rapidly and easily communicate with others. And being connected to others, using any device, from any location? Even better. RingCentral makes that possible with their intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based communication solutions for the same price as other vendors’ basic Voice over IP (VoIP) service. RingCentral has provided a fully integrated communications and collaboration solution to more than 350,000 organizations worldwide, including Connectech.

Over the years, like many businesses, we’ve tried multiple phone solutions and the last two have both been VOIP systems, each one a bit more advanced than the last. Technology is our life’s blood and we wake up each day eager to spread our excitement to others and create those “wow!” moments for people. Before moving to RingCentral, we did our research, spoke with their representatives, and were given numerous demos. We were so impressed with RingCentral’s product that, not only did we purchase it for our own office use, we also became a RingCentral Partner.

Since moving our phone system to RingCentral, we’ve found that answering incoming calls is much easier and faster because we are able to answer them using our smartphones when we’re away from our desks — no more running down the hall to grab a ringing phone! When we switched to RingCentral, our business phone number did not change. Like other major providers, RingCentral was able to port over our existing published work and fax numbers to their service.

Once on the new service you can download the desktop app on Mac or PC and choose to work completely through the computer for configuring your phone settings or making calls. The RingCentral mobile app is available for iOS and Android, and the two platforms work seamlessly together. The deskphone, smartphone, and desktop application can ring at the same time or in a specified order, giving you more chances to catch that important call.

The RingCentral solution is not just about making and receiving phone calls. Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded for quality and training purposes. Supervisors can listen in on a call with a trainee to make sure the call is going well and even take over if the call starts to go in the wrong direction. Call queues can be created and each user can make themselves available or not, depending on their lunch and work schedule. You can configure call groups that will ring extensions in a particular order, and even configure how the call is handled if it goes unanswered.

With RingCentral, you can also send and receive faxes through the desktop application. Download or scan the document, open the desktop app and send it just as you would a regular email. Text messages can be sent to and from the business number, keeping business and personal communications separate. Video meetings can be held via desktop or mobile application, or you can simply join an audio conference from your deskphone. Video meetings can support up to 200 participants, while audio conferencing supports 1,000.

The notification configuration possibilities seem endless, which is great because not everyone wants their desk phone, computer, and smartphone ringing at the same time. Voice, text, and fax message notifications can all be sent via email and to multiple people, keeping everyone in the loop.

RingCentral integrates with Google and G Suite, expanding the tools and business solutions each provide. With the RingCentral for Google Chrome Extension you can listen to voicemail, view missed calls, read text messages, click any number that appears in Gmail/Calendar to place a call or send text messages, schedule calendar events, and invite up to 1,000 participants to join a Hangouts meeting. The extension also allows you to access secure and reliable communication information while working in G Suite. RingCentral’s own Meetings app offers additional powerful collaboration features and gives you the full power of products like Citrix GoToMeeting or WebEx at no additional cost, making your business phone system immediately more valuable.

If you are an existing G Suite user and are interested in adding RingCentral service, or if you’d like more information about RingCentral, please contact us at support@www.connectech.us or by phone at (916) 972-9000. If you have existing Cisco or Polycom phones, depending on the model number, you can most likely provision them to work with RingCentral (Connectech was able to use our existing Polycom phones, and RingCentral Support assisted with setting three of them up in just a few hours). Connectech can also assist you at your location to set up and provision your phones, as well as supporting you remotely with configuration and training.