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Article by Domain Support
When you parked your vehicle you may have snapped a photo or jotted down GPS coordinates in order to find it again. And of course, there are apps that do this for you, but with the release of iOS 10, Apple Maps can find your car built into the operating system of the app itself!  You can learn about all the new features in Maps. So here is how you do it: showparkedcarlocation

First your vehicle has to be connected to your iOS 10 device using Bluetooth. Second you need to go into Settings on your iOS device, scroll down to MAPS and then scroll to the bottom and activate (make green) SHOW PARKED LOCATION.

When you park your car, Maps will automatically note that you parked your car and started walking away.



And when you walk into a store or wherever, you can pull up the app and see “Parked Car” on the screen, which will tell you its GPS location and approximate distance.

When you come out and are searching for your car, just pop open the app again. It gives you a map look and the option for walking directions. Just follow the directions and it will show you when you have arrived to your parked car!