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Amazon recently announced the expansion of its popular Echo line with the $199 Amazon Echo Look, a device that packs in the Echo functionalities but adds on a hands-free camera with built-in LED lighting that allows the user to take full-body photos and videos using their voice, and view the content on the connected iOS and Android apps. This is especially exciting those into fashion. Echo Look includes Style Check, a service that pairs machine learning and fashion advice, so users can get a second opinion on their daily outfits.

Jason Snell has a new Download podcast interviewing Lisa Schmeiser and Serenity Caldwell discussing the Echo Look.

Thanks to the Echo Look’s depth-sensing camera, users’ outfits pop in the foreground while the background is blurred, making it easier to see what they’re wearing. Photos can be saved to an ongoing “look book” that will log what users wear every day so as to not duplicate outfits, and the pics can be shared easily on social networks or through texts. Taking a video allows users to quickly replay the clip on their phone so they can see their outfit from every angle in the moment, making it easier to decide on what to wear. Personally, I do not have a full-length mirror in my apartment, so this would come in handy when having to choose from multiple outfits.

Another great use of the Echo Look is that people can use it to track weight loss/training transformations and share their pictures and videos to motivate and inspire others on the same path. Being able to see progress definitely keeps the momentum up. Parents can use it to take daily photos and videos to capture the growth of a baby during pregnancy and throughout their childhood. A treasured keepsake that can be shared with friends and family.

Amazon’s Echo Device is always getting smarter. Users can ask Alexa to set alarms, listen to the news or audiobooks, get traffic alerts, control your smart home devices, check the weather, and even order coffee for pickup on your way to work.

Echo Show
Amazon is still way ahead of the curve with improving its lineup of assistant devices. In a recent announcement, you can now pre-order the latest device, Echo Show. This new voice-activated device allows you to watch video flash briefings, YouTube, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and use video calling with your friends and family, all hands-free, just by using simple commands. Watch this video:

Dan Seifert, The Verge, writes, “But what’s most interesting to me is its ability to be used as a calling device, or, in more traditional terms, a video phone. Along with the Echo Show, Amazon is launching a new communications platform for Alexa devices, which allows for calling and messaging between Echo units and smartphones that have the Alexa app installed. A feature called Drop In lets the devices connect instantly, without requiring someone to “answer” the call. This allows the Echo Show to be an always-ready, internet-connected video intercom that I can call from anywhere in the world using my smartphone.”

The Verge adds, “The other new feature is voice messaging, which will let your call-phobic friends and family members avoid actually having a conversation with you. It’s kind of just a nice name for voicemails, but they’re a bit more useful because you’re able to send a voice message without actually calling someone first — you just tell Alexa to message someone instead. Messages can be sent and received from Echo devices or the Alexa app. The Echo’s light will glow green when there are new messages waiting on the device.”

appleinsider reports, “To incentivize preorders, Amazon is offering a $100 discount for customers who buy two or more Echo Show devices, using the code SHOW2PACK.