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Article by Domain Support
came out with a cute classic Mac Plus night stand for the Apple Watch which was a hit with those who remember those days and now has just released the Elago M4 stand for the iPhone 6, 6S and 7.¬†View your iPhone through a blast from the past which fits perfectly into the stand and transforms it into an old Apple monitor. After installing your lighting cable, simply put your iPhone into the stand and plug it in! Your iPhone is now charging and ready to be used to watch movies or surf the web. The M4 Stand is made with scratch-free silicone to prevent damage to your iPhone and cable; the material’s unique properties allow the stand to feel soft to the touch and provide weight to plant your stand on any flat surface. If you case is too thick it won’t fit into the M4 stand so you may want to purchase one of the recommended Elago cases so it fits snugly into the stand. You can purchase the M4 now at Amazon for $30.

If you haven’t seen the adorable Elago M3 night stand for your Apple Watch watch below: