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Article by Domain Support
As more Outlook users are switching to Gmail using G Suite or the free Gmail service, they want all their contacts from the address book moved effortlessly. So this is how you do it.

(1) Depending on what version of Outlook you are using, you will need to get a comma-separated values (.csv) file from the Outlook’s Official Instructions page follow the directions supplied for your version of Outlook.  It is important to know where you download this .csv file to use it to import into Gmail, so note where in your computer this file is downloaded. You will need to name the .csv file something you can remember.

(2) Now login to your Gmail account and access the Contacts page. The simple way to do this is look at the top right corner and find the nine little square dots which opens a pop up window and find CONTACTS and click on it. An even simpler way is to find the red button marked COMPOSE in the top left corner and just above this red button is the word in red letters MAIL. Click on MAIL and a small popup window appears and select CONTACTS.

(3) Once you are on the Contacts page, in the left column find IMPORT CONTACTS (you may have to click the More button at the top of the window and then select Import). In the Import box, click the Choose File button. Next, find the .csv file you previously exported and choose it. Once chosen click on the blue IMPORT button. Your Outlook contacts should now be in your Google account.

Connectech can do all this for you if you prefer us to do it. Just contact us and we will make an appointment.