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Apple announced today that 21 more financial institutions have signed up to accept Apple Pay which brings the number as of this date to 1854 banks or credit unions In the USA. Canada has 11 financial institutions supporting Apple Pay. In Europe Apple Pay is supported in certain financial institutions in France, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The list in Asia of financial institutions is growing at an accelerated rate with hundreds that are continuing to be added. This continuing growth indicates that the security using Apple Pay is gaining confidence not only with commercial interest but also in consumer confidence. We wrote a post earlier about Apple Pay vs Chip Card which helps you understand how secure Apple Pay is with features that are superior to the new chip card. If there was any indication that Apple Pay isn’t secure we would have heard about his by now. There is absolutely no data or reports to substantiate the notion that Apple Pay is not secure. Actually the reports are that it is more secure than . As more financial institutions sign up to support Apple Pay you will be seeing more merchants indicating ‘We accept Apple Pay’ signs as you shop.

If you are a small business and want to accept Apple Pay just follow the instructions Apple provides on its merchant page. If you need assistance, Connectech can help you get started if you contact us.

How Many Merchants Accept Apple Pay?

Apple has a page dedicated to the growing number of merchants who accept Apple Pay. The Verge, in December 2016, reports that “Jennifer Bailey, who leads Apple Pay, spoke today at the Code Commerce conference in San Fransisco and said that in the span of just two years Apple has managed to move from four to 35 percent of retailers (or 4 million locations) supporting Apple Pay in the US.”  That number has obviously grown since then. The Verge, article also pointed out “Bailey says that EMV chip cards are annoying for consumers (she’s right), and that’s helping to drive adoption. “Once you figure out you have to dip, you wait awhile, you wait awhile,” Bailey said. Then she went so far as to mimic the annoying “BEEP BEEP BEEP” that those chip card readers require.” The superiority of Apple Pay over the chip card is catching on to savvy users. After you experience using Apple Pay you will without prefer the simple, secure and completely anonymous method, aka, “contactless payments,” using your Apple Pay over pulling out your chip card. Square has a complete list of Apple Pay Retailers and provides an Apple Pay Reader for merchants. Digital Trends has another list of merchants who accept Apple Pay and reports that Italy and Germany will be accepting it soon. MacWorld has The ultimate guide to how and where to use Apple Pay. Amazon has a page dedicated to offering merchants a number of different Apple Pay Readers.

How To Use Apple Pay for Consumers

Apple has an official page dedicated to using Apple Pay with your mobile devices. Watch this video from Apple explaining it: