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Article by Domain Support
The Google Calendar App has been available for iOS users for sometime now and is very useful to link to your Gmail account calendar with your Apple Calendar. Or if you prefer, you can keep your Apple Calendar linked to your iCloud account and your Gmail or G Suite calendar synced to your iOS device using the Google Calendar (G Calendar), available for free at the App Store.

Recently, Google has announced Calendar on iPad: Ready for Business. This is good news for iPad users, as appleinsider points out, “iPad users can now see more Calendar details at once, especially in weekly or monthly views. The sidebar menu conceals less of the screen, and when editing an event, the information appears as a pop-up instead of taking over the entire display. Optional background illustrations frame each view.”

Especially for those iPad Pro users who use G Suite, this is a welcome update because it allows new features, such as booking a resource, a meeting room or certain company equipment, i.e, projector, to see if the meeting room or resource is available. Google calls this Find a Time, powered by Google’s machine intelligence, “Find a time” suggests meeting times and available rooms based on your preferences, which saves you lots of time and gets everyone together faster.

Another cool new feature is Add a Goal and Calendar will intelligently schedule time for your goal so you can stick to it. In addition, you can search your G Calendar easily from the iPad home screen with Spotlight Search. Google Calendar also allows you to set up alternate calendars. If you often look up dates in a non-Gregorian calendar — like Lunar, Islamic, or Hindu — you can now add that calendar to easily see those dates alongside your current calendar.

One of the coolest features is viewing G Calendar from portrait view to landscape, or month view and week in landscape view, so you have even more ways to see your schedule at a glance. These new features require requires iOS 9 or later.