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Article by Domain Support
Migrating data files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account, whether it is from the free Gmail Google Drive to another free Gmail Drive account, or from one Google Apps for Work Google Drive Domain account to another Google Apps for Work Google Drive Domain account (i.e., to, can be accomplished in several ways. The Google recommended procedure can be watched below.




There seems to be some confusion with changing ownership of a file/folder which is another method of migrating data from one Google Drive account to another because this works fine if both accounts are in the same Google Drive domain account. As Google clearly states, “If you use Google apps through work or school, you can’t transfer ownership to someone else who is outside of your domain.”  So if you are transferring data from any Google Drive account, whether the free account or a Google Apps for Work domain account to another Google Drive account Google’s only recommended solution is to download the files/folders to your computer and upload them to a different Google Drive account.

Multcloud is a cloudbase solution that is simple and offers not only Google Drive to Google Drive migration but also from Dropbox, OneDrive, box, Amazon Web Services, WebDav, and a number of other services to whatever solution you want.  Another cloud manager storage service is Otixo.