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Article by Domain Support
Since the 1990s businesses have allowed clients to download business forms from their company web sites in order to do business which the client downloads, fills out and then either scans the form and emails back to your company or snail mails it. This embedded practice is still being done for those who are entrenched in this 90s way of doing things. However, Google Forms has made this way of doing things much easier and practical both for your clients and for your company. This is just one powerful feature to use for your business and once you understand how powerful you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Google Forms allows you to set up ONLINE any form you require anyone to fill out, i.e., an employee application, a client application, an attendee application for a company event, ANY application you can imagine. The applicant fills out the form online, submits it and this form is sent to you in a Google Doc or Sheet which you can review, convert to a pdf, Microsoft Word doc or Excel sheet or simply leave it in your Google Drive as a Google Doc or Sheet.

On your company domain web site (or your company G Suite Google Site) you simply show a LINK to the Google Form you set up and the applicant goes to the ONLINE FORM for the application and fills it out. You can have REQUIRED fields so that the form will not be submitted until something is put in the field box. Once the form is completed and submitted you are notified by Gmail in your inbox of the successful completion of the form and can immediately view the results.

Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem
Steve Dotto, Discover Your Inner Geek has an excellent less than 14 minute video on the basics of G Suite’s Google Forms which will get you started.

Google Forms New Look- 2016 Update
Google, of course has updated G Suite’s Google Forms which Steve has updated in a video which is worth watching to understand some powerful new features to use for your business.

If you still need assistance, Connectech can assist you to setup Google Forms for your business. So contact us if you need help.