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Article by Domain Support
Google Keep was announced in March 2013 for Android and Chrome as a way to record your thoughts, ideas, photos, to-do-lists, whatever easily into one app in any format. Keep works now with iOS and on a Mac or Windows with Chrome (using the Keep extension). Great ideas can surface in unexpected places. Google created Keep to capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere—with smart tools to help you easily organize your notes, ideas and to dos. Use Keep to capture your ideas and thoughts wherever you are, whenever inspiration strikes. And now, quickly turn those thoughts into action — right in Docs. Since February 2017 Keep is now a part of G Suite core services which means you have 24 hour Google Enterprise Support for any issues you may have using it. So how does it work?  This short video explains:

One of the cool features is being able to take notes by using your voice and dictating your thought into Keep. Keep integrates with all your devices whether Android, iOS, PC or Mac (requires Chrome with the Keep extension) so no matter what device you use you can review your note taking easily. For example you can take a photo and add it to Keep with a voice dictation remark and then review it later on your laptop or desktop using Chrome. All you need is to login to your Google Account you use with G Suite. You can also take your ideas and notes from Keep and easily add them to Docs for easier brainstorming.


When using Docs on the web, access the Keep notepad via the Tools menu. Your Keep notes will appear in a side panel within Docs. Jimmy Tran, Google Program Manager, and Jenny Brown, Google Global Training Lead, explain some Keep features to use for your To-Do lists.