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Google Slides is similar (or option) of using either Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote which just got better. A powerful new tool that surpasses Powerpoint or Keynote is the ability announced May 4, 2016 to be able to accept questions from your audience when presenting in Google Slides using mobile devices in the audience along with the presenter of the slide presentation. To see how this works and how this vastly improves the speaker[s]’ ability to respond to questions watch this short video below presented by Shree Bose:



Maybe sometime in the future Powerpoint or Keynote will catch up, but for now if you appreciate this powerful tool to poll your audience with questions and the ability to view all of them on your device at the speaker stand, you may want to think about Google Slides for presentations. Google Slides is part of the core suite with not only the free version of Gmail but also with Google Apps for Work. Connectech can assist you with your presentation by contacting us.