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Google Sites has refreshed the way to manage sites in G Suite. With the success of Wix and WordPress, Google has made it easier to manage Google Sites with a completely new look.

This powerful application that is included in G Suite you may have overlooked allows your company to harness the power in Google Drive with Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides into a Google Site for your company. The concept of Google Sites is that anyone in the company can create a Google Site so that different teams within a company can collaborate on the site. You simply SHARE the site you create with a team. There can be multiple sites such as the SALES team site, the HR team site. You can then put anything in Google Drive seamlessly into the site, for example, the HR department could put their NEW EMPLOYEE APPLICATION form on the HR team site. The sales department could put a NEW CLIENT form on the Google Site to fill out which is sent to the entire Sales Team. Just watch this short 1 minute 23 second video that shows how easy Google Sites can transform your work to the cloud:

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