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Article by Domain Support
For our G Suite clients you may not know about the Google Transformation Gallery which gives you templates to streamline all sorts of work tasks managers do every day, from managing shift schedules, completing a work order on a job site to handling approvals for employee requests for time off. There are dozens of tasks that you can streamline using Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms. For example let’s look at when one of your employee asks for time off and needs your approval. Watch this five minute video that explains how to streamline this process with a Google Form that integrates with Calendar and Sheets.

Why not browse the dozens of tasks you can streamline using the collaboration tools Google offers in G Suite. For another example, would you like to Collect and organize new employee documentation in a streamlined process? There are many others to choose from. If you need assistance in streamlining any of the tasks found in the Google Transformation Gallery please feel free to contact us. We are a Google Cloud Partner.