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Article by Domain Support
G Suite Team Drives is a huge improvement using sharing permissions available to G Suite for Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofits customers. The distinct advantage In Team Drives is that files are owned by the team and company, not by an individual. When an employee leaves the company and their accounts are deleted, their files remain in Team Drives. It is important to note that Team Drives is not available with G Suite Basic. You must upgrade to have this enhanced capability. To understand why this is such an improvement read on.

Team Drive prevents those whom you share files, photos, or whatever from being lost, moved or hidden because once you share using Team Drive, everything stays in one place, Even if you remove a team member who has uploaded or created files for the team, all those files stay with team!  Google has responded to requests to make the Team Drive experience better than any team sharing service you use.

All you do to start Team Drive is log into your G Suite admin panel as a super administrator to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Drive and Docs > Sharing Settings
and uncheck the box “Prevent users in connectech.us from creating new Team Drives until 01/01/2018.” This turns ON Team Drive.

Google Team Drive is an enhanced version of Google Drive to help users get work down in a more streamlined manner. We have come to love Google Drive, but if you are working with a team, this new Google Team Drive improves collaboration with sharing content to a higher level allowing new roles for different users which enables a high level of granular control over the relevant content.

With Google Drive documents which are really part of the company’s library and work process end up living in one person’s Drive account. This can create issues if an employee leaves the company, i.e., migrating the data from one Google Drive to another user account. Google Team Drive changes that by setting up a cloud space where all your business documents live, and which everybody on the team can access based on permissions set by administrators. It no longer matters if an employee leaves the team since all documents remain safely stored in the Google Team Drive. If you have to make changes to the team, no problem, the files remain even if you completely change all the team members. Watch this short video from Jimmy Tran, Program Manager, and Jenny Brown, Global Training on these cool new features.

Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can store their files and guarantee that every member has the most up-to-date information, no matter the time or place. Team Drives make onboarding easy, because every person and Google Group added to a Team Drive gets instant access to that team’s documents. Moreover, Team Drives are designed to store the team’s work collectively, so if a document’s creator moves off of the team that document doesn’t go with them. Advanced access controls make Team Drives even more robust, preventing team members from accidentally removing or deleting files that others need.

So essentially Google Team Drive concentrates on managing content ownership. For example, in the Google Drive experience of sharing a document with others, a team member may inadvertently save a shared document to his personal Google Drive and work on the document thinking that this is what is needed. However, if this team member makes additions or edits this new version of the ‘shared’ document that isn’t really shared with the team then no one on the team sees the work since it is outside the shared folder. With Google Team Drive a team member cannot create a new document or save an existing document outside of the team.

For administrators of G Suite this gives primary control of all files, documents, and data to the company. To understand how to setup Google Team Drive follow these instructions or contact us if you need help.

Watch this video that explains how Google Team Drive is superior to using just Google Drive for team collaboration: