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Article by Domain Support
If your company has a human resource [HR] department and you are using 20th century technology mindset, you may want to understand how HR has evolved in a digital world in the 21st Century. Many companies are using technology and applications that can be ten years old or more. Millennials often ask when on boarding into a company, ‘Why don’t the apps work like Linkedin, Facebook, Yelp or Travelocity? Why can’t I access mobile access? Why isn’t there an embeded social community?’  Companies that are stuck in the 20th century technology mindset take weeks to train and educate employees, wondering why employees leave the company within a relatively short time. Social media has changed the way companies do business and how potential employees view the company. Linkedin explains how HR has evolved in the 21st century in a three minute video worth watching:

If you are hiring Millennials note what Shawn Price, SVP, Oracle Cloud, says, “If you look at the turnover rate for Millennials, the highest point is at six months. Why? Because they don’t feel engaged, they haven’t socially connected with the organization. So we are seeing a massive shift to either increment an existing infrastructure for human capital management with workforce planning, recruiting and on boarding or go end to end for recruit to retire.”

As Aon puts it, “HR needs to move away from traditional modes of engagement. It needs to harness a digital mindset with a strong focus on delivering talent outcomes enabled by three key anchors, providing a consumer grade experience across the employee life cycle, facilitating on demand access to information, greater collaboration, social learning, and a direct linkage to ones’ aspirations, a move from integrated to unified talent management platforms, based on one technology, one user experience, and one data model, with a focus on tracking progress of employees, rewarding them appropriately, and giving them tools they need to become successful.”

“To make sure the capabilities and skills to use social media are truly embedded in an organization, HR needs to think innovatively and coach the entire organization in social media use. They should also provide precise guidelines and teach employees how to behave in the social media space. Therefore, HR has to be a role model of their employees on how to use social media devices.” Social Media in Human Resources Management, By Tanya Bondarouk, Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan.

Joyce Westerdahl, EVP, Human Resources, Oracle, says, “Social touches all pieces of the product, not just the on boarding, so from the recruiting process, so, front end, all the way through as you do your orientation, to top talent, giving collaboration within the organization, as well as rewarding people and giving shoutouts on great work done, within that whole social product that’s embedded in product from beginning to end.”

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