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Article by Domain Support
Connectech has some tips if your iPhone battery is being used up too quickly.

Update iOS
The first and foremost tip is to update your iPhone to the latest version. Apple software updates often include advanced energy-saving technologies, so always make sure your device is using the latest version of iOS. It is amazing to me when someone asks me about any iPhone issue and I check what version is on the iPhone and notice an older version and ask, why haven’t you updated your iPhone?  This clears up so many issues, including increasing battery life. Read our post on updating iOS.

Closing Apps is a Myth
The concept is simple, each time you open an app on your iPhone it starts to trickle down your battery. However, according to Apple this is a myth that has been circulated for some time (reported in a Business Insider post). Apple says after an app is not used it goes into stand by and is not using any energy or very little. Nevertheless, the article points out if there is some feature of an app that constantly updates your location, etc, the app may still be running in the background and draining a little battery usage. Here is a video from appleinsider that explains everything about the myth of closing your apps:

So if you want to be sure you are not wasting any energy in the background with an app that is still open close all your apps. The simple way to do this is double click the home button on your iPhone and then swipe UP all the apps you want to close. I started doing that and immediately noticed increased battery power for the day. Facebook is notorious for draining the iPhone battery. The Huffington Post says deleting the Facebook app improves the iPhone battery by up to 15 percent. So closing the Facebook app may be a good idea to save some energy or deleting the Facebook app may be one of best ways to increase battery power for your iPhone.

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Close Notifications
Notifications are those little reminders and notices on your iPhone that come up when an app has something new for you. These notices take up battery usage. Your iPhone is completely asleep and all of a sudden a notification wakes up your iPhone with bells or whistles and it lights up the screen using up more energy. All you need to do is turn off these notifications and notice how much battery power you have saved in one day. Notifications seem to me to be one of the more energy hogs on battery usage. I turned them all off and my battery lasts a lot longer. Of course, if you need a notification for an important app leave that app notification on. Apple has a great page explaining all this and how you can limit notifications which can save you power.

Low Power Mode
This is a simple way to reduce your battery drain when you are low on battery. Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode and switch it on (make it green).

Background Activity
Turn Background Activity OFF. Settings > General > Background App Refresh – This will save you a lot of energy. 

View Battery Usage
What apps are using up your battery?  Go to Settings > Battery and you will see. You can then decide if you can make some adjustments like closing the app. If you have a lot of apps open you will see how much an app is draining your battery by percentage and the time left on your battery before it needs to be recharged.

Reduce Brightness
Another tip is to reduce the brightness on your iPhone which takes more energy when set to bright. Go to Settings > Battery > Reduce Brightness and lower the brightness.

Lower your auto-lock to 30 seconds. This locks up your iPhone quicker. To see what your iPhone is set at go to Settings > Battery > Reduce Brightness > Auto-Lock

Raise to Wake
Turn off Raise to Wake will save some energy. Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake

Apple’s Tips
Apple has a page dedicated to improving your iPhone battery usage.

Add on Battery Case
Connectech recommends an add on battery case from Apple that uses the lightening connector or the Mophie to extend your battery. Wirecutter has a review, The Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus.

Charge Your iPhone While Driving
If you remember to plug your iPhone in while driving and keep doing this as a regular habit this will extend your battery a long time.