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Article by Domain Support
The Verge has reported a bug in iOS 10 that can lock up your iPhone if you play a five second MP4 video. If a friend texts or emails you a link to a url to play a short video do not play it!  The only way to recover from this is a hard reboot of your iPhone by holding down the sleep/awake button and the Home button at the same time. Then your iPhone will recover from this bug. The full report by The Verge you can read here. So be wary of clicking on any link that goes to a web site that plays any MP4 video!

In the past Microsoft has been the chief target of such pranks but now that Apple has surpassed in wealth over Microsoft, such pranks are growing to target iOS and MacOS users. A word to the wise is sufficient. Be wary of ever giving your iOS device or Mac to anyone, including your friends who may decide to prank your device. Be wary of ever clicking on links in text messages and emails, even if it comes from friend. First test the link to see if it is safe. PCWorld has an excellent article on how to do this. Pranksters can watch videos like the one below on YouTube to learn different ways to prank your iOS or Mac device. The MacOS April fools pranks are notorious. Zach Straley points out if you reset any iPhone to January 1, 1970 it totally bricks your iPhone!