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It’s likely that every iPhone user is familiar with the Apple Mail app (blue icon showing a white envelope). In addition to accessing Apple iCloud-based email, Mail can be configured to work with a wide variety of third-party email services, including Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, and more. There’s no limit to the number of individual email accounts that can be configured and accessed using the Apple Mail app.

Some iPhone users may not know that in addition to using the Mail app to read their Gmail, they can use Google’s Gmail app. Historically, the Gmail iOS app has limited users to accessing only Gmail/G Suite accounts — no third-party email services have been supported. However, Google is rolling out a new version of the Gmail iOS app that lets users access non-Google accounts.

The new version of the iOS app will require users to toggle between different email accounts, so doesn’t allow a single consolidated view for multiple accounts like Apple Mail does. And it only displays messages in “Conversation View,” which some users love but others don’t. In spite of these (relatively minor) inconveniences, this announcement is big news for Gmail app users who also have non-Gmail accounts.