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Martin Van Dantig, Fox-IT, reports that a sophisticated Adobe Flash Installer malware installer called Snake (aka, Turla or Uroburos) that has targeted Windows users since 2008 (also has targeted Linux users since 2014) “expects that the attackers using Snake will soon use the Mac OS X variant on targets.” The warning issued by Fox-IT says, “Over the past year Fox-IT has been involved in multiple incident response cases where the Snake framework was used to steal sensitive information. Targets include government institutions, military and large corporates.”  While Fox-IT goes into great details about this malicious install code what you need to know is to be extremely wary of any attempt to coax you into installing Adobe Flash Player whether you are a Windows, Linux or Mac user. PCWorldappleinsider, MalwarebytesLAB, Virus Guides, and many others have reported this attack is perpetrated from Russian hackers. KasperskyLab classifies this as an Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP).

If you need to install a Flash Player or update one, you should go to the official download site at Adobe or update your Flash Player by opening the application and follow the directions for updating.