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macOS 10.14 Mojave is now available for the Mac (check compatibility to determine if your Mac can be upgraded). The new operating system provides a wealth of new features, including:

  • Security. Foremost, security is a great reason to update to Mojave. A new feature notifies you when any application wants to use your camera, microphone, iTunes, Time Machine device backups, Message history, Mail, or Safari database. Improved Intelligent Tracking Prevention lets you block attempts by websites that you visit to track you. If you trigger one of these tracks (often by clicking on a comment button, or when you “Like” something on Facebook), Safari alerts you and lets you decide if you want to allow the tracking. The Apple Keychain password manager has also been improved to tighten up security.
  • Stacks. Stacks, a new feature, automatically organizes your desktop, so it’s easy to keep it tidy and find exactly what you’re looking for. To learn how to use this new feature, click here. Folder shortcuts in the Dock are another type of stack, and you can use them together with the stacks on your desktop.  
  • Dark Mode. If you prefer a dramatic look to your desktop and built-in apps, you can switch between the light and dark appearance. To do this, open System Preferences and click General > Dark. (Not all third-party apps currently integrate with Dark Mode.) Some prefer Dark Mode because it is easier on the eyes or can help you focus on what you’re working on.
  • Finder. With the new Gallery View, you can scrub through large previews to visually identify a file you’re looking for. The preview pane shows complete metadata, so you can confirm file details such as, for example, the camera model and exposure used to take a photo. Learn more here.
  • Quick Look. Allows you to preview files and make many kinds of edits without opening an app, like cropping photos, signing PDF forms, or trimming video clips. Select a file, press the spacebar, then click the desired edit button.
  • Screenshot. The new screenshot utility has been enhanced, making it easier to capture screenshots or video. Press Shift + Command + 5, then click an option, such as Selection (to capture a still selection) or Whole Screen (to record the entire screen). The screenshot tools appear in a small palette, which you can drag to reposition. The palette includes options for where to save the screenshot, whether to show the pointer, and more.
  • Continuity Camera. Now when you take a shot on your iPhone camera, it instantly appears on your Mac. This new feature also works with Notes, Mail, Messages, Finder, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.  
  • Apple News. The new and improved News app lets you discover topics and channels or jump straight to your favorites.
  • Stocks. The new Stocks app makes it easy to follow your stocks and the market. View prices in the customizable watchlist and click a ticker symbol to see an interactive chart.
  • Voice Memos. If you love to record memos, this newly enhanced app makes it easier than ever to capture personal reminders, class lectures, interviews, and more. iCloud keeps your recordings and revisions up to date across your devices.
  • Mac App Store. The new Mac App Store has a new look and new content. Read in-depth stories about apps, browse curated collections, and watch videos designed to help you find the perfect app.

If you’re not sure if you should upgrade your Mac to Mojave, or are concerned about compatibility with older apps or devices such as printers, please give us a call. Connectech can check compatibility of your Mac and devices, and we’re happy to assist you with upgrading.