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A new ultra-fast memory technology from Intel and Micron branded as Optane is expected to launch in 2017 on MacBooks according to appleinsider, who reports, “using 3D Xpoint technology, Optane is said to offer speeds 1,000 times faster and more durable than common flash storage. That’s because it’s 10 times denser than DRAM.”

Intel has joined Micron to develop this new ultra fast storage in a joint venture. According to Slash Gear, Intel/Micron boasts “3D XPoint as the biggest breakthrough since NAND flash storage.” Optane is compatible with the NVMe storage protocol that Apple already uses in some of its MacBooks, as noted by Macworld.  Since MacBooks already have NVMe-based SSDs, Optane could provide a further speed boost, therefore, Apple may be one of the first vendors using this new technology. Optane SSDs (and likely Optane Memory DIMMS) will be available later this year according to Intel.