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Article by Domain Support
Tim Cook gave an extensive (10,000 word) interview with Jena McGregor of The Washington Post, which is a good read if you invest in Apple stock or you want to know more about his views on social issues and business, as well as what the next five years at Apple might look like. He doesn’t really reveal anything about future Apple products and responds about questions regarding the much talked about Apple Car with, “We’ve always viewed that people love surprises. We don’t have enough anymore in our lives.” However, Cook’s best line in the interview is, “Apple is the only company that can take hardware, software and services and integrate those into an experience that’s an ‘aha’ for the customer.”

If you want a shortened review of his interview you may want to read any or all of the following:

“4 Surprising Things Apple CEO Tim Cook Said in That Big Washington Post Interview” Time/Money

“In a recent interview with Jena McGregor of The Washington Post, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared who he turns to for advice at pivotal moments and why.” CNBC

“He also went deep on allegations that Apple is dodging taxes in the U.S. by sheltering international profits in Ireland, saying he was “optimistic” that corporate tax reform could be enacted next year that would bring much of that money back to America.” Billboard

“In a long interview with The Washington Post, Apple’s CEO opens up about succeeding Jobs, the company’s iPhone-dependency and who he turns to for advice.” c/net

“How to Read Between the Lines of Tim Cook’s Epic Interview” MIT Technology Review

“After five years in charge of Apple, Cook reflects on his tenure in a rare interview.” Vanity Fair

“Although the interview doesn’t stray too far from Apple’s well-rehearsed talking points — don’t expect the CEO to spill the beans on Apple’s car or get into gritty details on the dilapidated Mac line, though he does reaffirm that Apple is “doing a lot on” AR and views it as a “core technology” — it’s a substantial read that gives a lot of insight into how Cook runs the company.” The Verge

“But Cook did talk about a lot of other things Apple is working on, from taking the reins from Steve Jobs to what comes after the iPhone to who he turns to for advice.” recode

“Apple (AAPL) doesn’t “need” a big acquisition and has plenty of long-term organic growth ahead, including services and enterprise sales.” Investor’s Business Daily

“The 10,000-word interview is worth a read, especially if you’re interested in the intricacies of Apple’s tax arrangements. Here are the highlights:” MacWorld

“Cook talks about the incredibly important people outside of Apple he turns to for advice at pivotal moments, including Warren Buffett on returning cash to stockholders, Anderson Cooper on coming out, and folks like Bill Clinton and Laurene Powell Jobs on testifying before congress.” 9To5Mac

“Due to Apple’s secrecy, and the company’s marketing-driven need to stay “on message,” interviews with senior execs can often be frustratingly free of revelations. That’s not the case with the recent in-depth interview the Washington Post did with CEO Tim Cook, however.” Cult of Mac

“Topics ranged from his thoughts on short-term investors’ impatience, who he gets advice from, why he decided to come out as gay and Apple’s unorthodox management structures.” Tom’s Guide

“Apple’s top executive offered much insight into how he’s handled big decisions and changes within the company. Cook also reveals his inspiration for writing an op-ed, publicly coming out as gay.” Inquisitr