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Article by Domain Support
With more than five million businesses switching over to G Suite, we wanted to give your company some tips on how you can save money for your company using G Suite licenses.

(1) Understanding Licenses are for Humans

When you purchase a G Suite license, Google assumes that you have a live person who uses the license, an actual human user in your company. If you understand this key concept, you can then begin to save money for your company. For years companies used mail servers physically located in the office, a significant cost, along with an IT department or service to maintain it. By purchasing licenses for the actual number of humans in your company this can save you money. There is no need to purchase licenses for non human user accounts since Google includes these at no additional charge (email addresses not associated with a human) such as Google gives such email addresses away free calling them either an alias or a group email address. The typical cost of a G Suite license is $50/year per license for a human which is $4.17/month per human, about the cost of a Starbucks latte. Compare that with what your current costs are maintaining a mail server in your office. To compare, if you know what your monthly costs are for maintaining your mail server in your office, divide that by the number of humans and you will discover how much you are spending for your current email service. Paying only for the number of humans who need email can save you a significant amount of money using G Suite Gmail. And if you need storage for your email G Suite has that covered with the lowest costs, including G Suite Unlimited. If you need eDiscovery and an archiving solution G Suite has that covered with Vault.

(2) Understanding Alias and Group Email Addresses

Google includes at no extra charge unlimited alias and group email addresses. These types of email addresses are non human or generic such as, or

Alias Email Address

An alias address is another address for a human user account. For example,, which is a human with a G Suite license also has as an alias for his email address. When anyone sends an email using his alias address ( this email shows up in Bob’s Gmail inbox. For more information we have a post about alias email addresses.

Group Email Address

A group email address such as goes to a group of humans who have paid GaW licenses, such as and  You can set up a group email such as to go to EVERYONE or all the human Gmail users who have paid G Suite licenses in your company. You can designate just one human to be in the group (the minimum requirement) but if you only have one human needing the group email address it would be better to simply make this email address an alias of that one human user. You can have as few as two or as many as you need in the group email address. The advantage of a group email is that if you need more than one human to read a group email such as, the email will show up in the inbox of who you have designated should receive this group email address. Since alias and group emails are included when you purchase a G Suite license and these email addresses are unlimited in the number you can use, you save significant savings using these types of email addresses. To understand better Gmail Groups we have a post just for that.

(3) Sending an Email from an Alias or Group Email Address

Gmail lets you toggle from your human Gmail account when sending an email to an alias or group email. For example, has the alias When he replies to an inquiry sent to Bob can easily toggle from to so that when the recipient reads Bob’s reply it shows in the ‘FROM’ address Here are the instructions on how to set this up easily in any Gmail account:


If you understand these three key concepts above you can save money for your company using G Suite Gmail and be frugal when using Google.