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On October 1, Verizon’s “5G Home” service began rolling out in Sacramento. After announcing the details for this new home Internet service in September, Verizon is now signing up its first customers. (The service is currently available only in certain neighborhoods; wider access is expected in 2019.) Verizon is currently offering a free Apple TV 4K plus three months of YouTube TV with the service. The company is also making available a 24-hour concierge service for early customers. As of this writing, the service costs $50 for existing Verizon customers and $70 for non-subscribers.

Even though Verizon is using a proprietary solution to offer the service, versus IEEE 5G standards, they claim that users will see speeds of around 300 Mbps—a pretty remarkable/revolutionary speed for a wireless device. It’s the first ever 5G-powered home Internet that can connect all your devices around your home. The service is not designed for mobile users at this time.

Check out Verizon’s 5G Home page for information and availability information for the new service to see if 5G Home is available in your area. Read more about the service offering and how it works here. The Sacramento Bee has a long and detailed article, including a coverage map as of October 1, plus more information about the deal reached between Verizon and the City of Sacramento.

We’re very excited about this new service, and in particular hope it rolls out to folks in North Rocklin, Granite Bay, Dixon, and West Davis very soon. Places that are currently lacking in good fast broadband coverage will really benefit from this new type of broadband service for home users.