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Most companies hire a webmaster for their domain web site, but some like to do this themselves. We have some solutions for you to consider if that is your plan. Website builders are in the cloud applications that build your web site without you having to know html, css, Java Script, etc. The number of these are growing with leaps and bounds so it may be difficult to swim through them all and decide which one to pick. However, if you haven’t  registered a domain most of these website builder providers usually include a domain in the package. You may have already registered a domain and Connectech recommends 1and1 and GoDaddy, so let’s review these companies first, and move on to other solutions. We include some review links for your consideration.

1and1 has a solution called, Website Builder, with all the features you may ever need and comes with a one month trial:

In the FAQs at the above page, this question is considered:
How do I incorporate images and videos on my website?
It’s a breeze to insert images and videos with the MyWebsite tool. Simply select “insert element” and then “basics”. Now you can quickly and easily drag and drop images to insert them on your website. By using the button “edit image”, you add image effects and also adjust the size, sharpness and focus. If multiple images are to be displayed in succession, then simply drag the element “image gallery” in the “image and videos” category to your site and then establish the sequence settings, such as how many seconds each image is visible before the next one appears. It’s also easy to include videos as you build your own website – under “images and videos” you can display video material either as Flash Video or direct from YouTube as well as MyVideo. To embed clips from YouTube or MyVideo, you need only paste in the corresponding embed link to the video. That way your desired video is automatically linked to your website.

Review of Website Builder by Website Tool Testor

PC Mag rates 1and1 Website Builder #3 Best

Kent Dunn, TopTenReviews, says, “Once, it was among the best website builders, but it has been surpassed by nearly every other site builder.”

Web Hosting Geeks has many reviews from actual users who did not give good reviews and were quite negative.

c/net has similar negative reviews and says to avoid using this service.

GoDaddy Website Builder, says, “a good website builder has the flexibility to let you make changes on the fly when your next brilliant idea strikes.”

PCMag writes, “GoDaddy’s site builder feels like a minimum effort from the Web hosting kingpin. It’s perfectly easy to use, and offers customizable page building, but following the theme of GoDaddy as a whole, the service upsells you services to get site capabilities other builders include by default.”

Web Hosting Geek reviews (over five hundred) gave GoDaddy Website Builder only two stars.

According to Web Hosting Greeks, “The easiest way to build a website is through wordpress.” Connectech agrees and we have much experience using WordPress. Web Hosting Geeks then explains, “Realistically WordPress can be easily installed on any hosting platform If you are an expert. If not then you need simple 1-click install.”  Connectech can assist you with installing WordPress.

Google Domains
Google Domains uses “easy integration with top website builders” such as Google web tools (Blogger, Google App Engine, Google Sites), Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix. Since you already have GSuite you can use Google Sites for free. If you want to use this you will simply need to point your domain to Google Sites (requires some technical expertise which Connectech can provide). You also get free storage space, so you won’t have to sign up with a Web hosting provider to host your Google site.

Steve Benjamin says about Google Sites, “Google Sites isn’t for building business websites. It’s best suited for building intranets….Don’t try to build your small business website on it!”

Howard Steele, gives a more positive review, “All in all, it’s quite easy-to-use and requires no special skills. The builder has a look and feel of most Google applications, making the interface familiar and intuitive. The toolbar icons are very similar to Google Drive…..However, we can’t recommend it for business, when there are so many feature-richer alternatives out there. Google Sites does offer excellent collaboration solutions and tie-ins to various Google Apps, but its competitors offer more control over site design and a better interface.”

Jennifer Sanders, says, “Google Sites provides an easy to use, intuitive website editor that can be used by virtually anyone, even without any knowledge of HTML or web design.”

Jason Rueger says, “Google’s website builder is very basic. The interface is actually quite similar to a Google/Word document, which may be more intuitive for some technically challenged users.”

Jason Vissers
says, “Reviewers seem to be pretty much unanimous in their opinion that Google Sites is an inadequate platform on which to build a site for your business. The templates are dated, the features inadequate.”

InMotion Hosting, Inc.
Web Hosting Geeks rates InMotion Hosting, Inc. #1 from over 1279 customer reviews

According to the Website Tool Testor Weebly is rated #1. Full Review

Web Hosting Geeks says, “Weebly looks as if it is going to give WordPress and Drupal a run for their money with easy-to-use tools and web hosting all in one place. Weebly is at the forefront of innovation and advanced technology with their new, yet simple content management system software.”

According to TopTenWebsiteBuilders, SiteBuilder is rated #1
The free version includes five pages but includes web site advertisements. The Pro Plan costs $4.99/month for the first year and then jumps up to around $9/month.
Full Review

PCMag says, “Wix is the easiest and fullest-featured website builder around,” rating it number 1 over Weebly.
Michael Benniger says, “More than 60 million people have built websites using Wix since it launched in 2010, making it clear this company is doing something right….After spending just 20 minutes exploring the intuitive site-creation platform, it’s easy to see why Wix is one of the world’s most popular website builders on the Net. It’s simple to use — even if you have zero experience — and you can create any kind of website.”

Other Reviews
Who is Hosting This offers its top ten listing as number one.
Web Hosting Best Ten has another list rating as number one.
Top Ten Sites lists as number one.
Host Review Geeks says inmotion hosting is #1.

So these are some of the solutions we recommend and if you need further assistance please contact us.