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You have been hearing all sorts of rumors about the release of the new tenth anniversary iPhone 8 which has gone viral through so many news sources. So if you want to purchase this new iPhone 8 whenever it is released you may want to know how much your current smartphone is worth. We have some tips for you to consider.

First, did you know you can get credit from Apple if you purchase any new mobile device if you trade in your eligible smartphone and receive up to $260 credit?  The program Apple is offering for you to trade up gives you credit for any qualifying smartphone, either instant credit or a gift card depending on if you go to an Apple store or fill out an online form and mail your smartphone in. For more information and all the fine print details of this program go the Apple Trade Up page and follow the instructions.

Amazon is a great way to find out what your smartphone is worth. First you need to find out the brand, model number and exact specifications of your current smartphone and find this exact model and specifications on Amazon. For example, if you have an iPhone 6S 64 GB GMS Unlocked Space Gray, just type that into the Amazon search box and scroll through the results to find the used ones that are being sold. Yes, individuals and companies can sell their personal iPhones through their seller account. If you have an Amazon account you can sell anything on Amazon through this program. Just look for the price of the item and next to it in parentheses is shows how many used are being offered. Click on the link which will show you the results that gives you an idea of the price a used one is being offered for. Somewhere in this range of prices will give you what your smartphone is worth. If you decide you want to sell your smartphone on Amazon this isn’t for the inexperienced since you can run into trouble not knowing the nuances and caveats of selling on Amazon. For example there is an Amazon Forum about this subject to consider. The main point of this post is to show you how to find how much your smartphone is worth. We will give you some tips on how to sell your smartphone at the end of our article.

ebay is another source to find out what your smartphone is worth. Just go to ebay and type in the same information of your smartphone mentioned in the above paragraph and scroll through the results. If you have an ebay account then you probably are experienced with how to sell your smartphone on ebay.  ebay even has a special page dedicated to selling your smartphone worth reading. Again, just like selling on Amazon, selling your smartphone on ebay is not for the inexperienced. You can run into trouble if you are not aware of all the nuances and cavaets. If you feel uncomfortable with selling on ebay there are some other choices.

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Craig’s List is of course an excellent way to sell your smartphone, however, never give out your home address, mobile phone number or email address in a Craig’s List advertisement. Simply use the messaging service Craig’s List offers to communicate with a buyer. Alway meet the buyer in a public place, i.e., Starbucks and only accept cash. Your buyer can view your smartphone and any accessories you are including and see the condition before offering you cash. Many prefer this way of selling a smartphone over any other.

There are many services on the internet that you can use to sell your used smartphone. Consumer Reports has an article, How to Sell a Used Smartphone, by Mike Gikas which is helpful.  The Best Places to Buy and Sell a Used iPhone by Jackie Dove, tom’s guide is another source of information.  Android Authority has an excellent article, Selling a used phone: do’s and don’ts, by Edgar Cervantes with some tips. Farhad Manjoo wrote an article in the New York Times, A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling Smartphones That, Last worth reading. So this should give you enough information about how much your smartphone is worth and some tips on selling it.