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Article by Domain Support
Successful businesses have turned to YouTube as Business Insider puts it, “using web videos to reach out to current and potential customers” and “building more personal relationships with their client base and reaping the benefits of this creative indirect marketing strategy… This platform is perfect for small businesses. There are no big budgets required — just a video camera, a little creativity…”

Enterprises, such as Best Buy, Cisco, Allstate, Kraft, Blendtec and others have successful YouTube business channels according to Sproutsocial. Have you considered setting up a YouTube Business Channel for your company?  YouTube is the second most frequently used search engine, just under Google according to Mushroom Networks. “Google research notes that YouTube reaches more viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 than any single cable network,” according to Small Business Trends. And who doesn’t like to watch videos or prefer them over reading a page with instructions? Daniel Cardenas from BakerBuilt Works in conjunction with the studios of Sierra Media explains some tips to consider when planning your YouTube Business Channel:

Follow the directions here to set up your YouTube Business Channel:

You can delegate your YouTube business channel to a manager or a team that can upload the videos by following there directions:

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